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crane refurbishment service from mantis cranes

Crane Refurbishment Service from Mantis Cranes

Crane Refurbishment Service from Mantis Cranes Refurbishment involves restoring, renovating, or repairing a crane to its original condition.   Why Refurbish a Crane? Refurbishing a crane will extend its lifespan and improve the safety and efficiency of your crane. Having the crane restored or renovated to its original or updated condition can be more cost-effective than investing in a new crane. The experienced team at Mantis Cranes will strip down the crane and replace or repair parts as needed. The components are sandblasted and repainted. Then the crane is assembled and tested before being returned to the customer. Refurbishment gives machinery a new lease of life and will ensure many more years of reliable service. Having a crane refurbished is a cost-effective alternative to either buying […]

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mantis cranes celebrates international women's day

International Women’s Day 2023

  International Women’s Day 2023 International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of all women and is being celebrated on March 8th 2023. Mantis Cranes and McMenamin Engineering are delighted to celebrate all the women that work in our Donegal and UK bases. Women in Construction Traditionally, women have been underrepresented in the Construction Industry, but we are pleased to see this trend beginning to change. Industry-wide and Government initiatives are seeking to attract women into apprenticeships, increase awareness of careers in Construction for women and promote gender equality in the workplace. Ireland’s Youngest Crane Operator In 2022 we celebrated Kate Fahey’s achievement of becoming Ireland’s first female licensed crane operator at just 18! We met Kate when she was operating a […]

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Goods and passenger hoists

Mantis Cranes are now supplying Construction Hoists

Construction Hoists Mantis Cranes are now supplying construction hoists throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland. Construction Hoists are used to vertically move people and/or materials on-site and improve safety and efficiency when moving goods and personnel to higher levels. Features of Construction Hoists ✅ Save time & effort on site ✅ Easy to load & unload ✅ Transport passengers and/or construction materials ✅ Smooth and efficient materials transport ✅ Robust design suitable for construction sites ✅ Quick and safe transport of heavy & bulky materials Types of Construction Hoists Goods Only Hoist Goods Only Hoists are primarily used for the vertical transport of building materials on site. They are designed to move construction materials and tools to the upper levels of buildings, quickly and safely. Goods and […]

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City crane hire from Mantis Cranes UK

5 Steps to Efficient Flat Top Tower Crane Erection

Erecting a Tower Crane   On Time and On Budget Contractors strive to avoid delays and complete construction projects on time and on budget. To prevent delays, careful planning is needed for efficient Flat Top Tower Crane erection. The causes of delays on site can be many and varied, from improper planning, labour and materials shortages, equipment failure, and poor communication to bad weather. All delays lead to expensive and unwelcome overruns. As the costs of labour and materials remain high at the start of 2023, construction projects are coming under increasing pressure to complete their build either on time or with as little overrun as possible. Steps for Efficient Erection of a Tower Crane In this article, we look at how to ensure your tower […]

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stormy weather warning for self erecting tower crane

Safe use of a Self-Erecting Tower Crane in Windy Conditions

Operating a Self-Erecting Tower Crane in Windy Conditions As we head into Winter the frequency of wind and storm warnings is on the increase. We take a look at how to remain safe when using self-erecting tower cranes in windy conditions. The power of the wind and the potential for accidents when operating a self-erecting crane in stormy conditions should not be underestimated. Wind Speeds Strong winds affect the stability of the crane and even moderate winds will have an impact on the load being lifted. Height is another important consideration when operating a crane in windy conditions as wind speed rises with height above ground level. Wind speeds are also conditional on the surroundings of the site and are impacted by neighbouring buildings, hills, and […]

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Mantis Cranes Lifting Solutions

How to Reduce Costs On Site

Rising Construction Costs. Construction costs have been increasing since early 2021 when materials shortages drove prices upwards. Throughout 2022 many players in the construction industry have been struggling to recover from the downturn experienced during the pandemic. As we move towards the end of 2022 new challenges have emerged in the form of increasing global inflation rates, labour shortages, and the current energy shortages which will further erode potential profits. We take a look at ways that contractors can reduce costs on site.   Implications for The Industry. Ireland is currently experiencing a housing crisis as the availability of housing for renters and potential buyers is outstripped by demand. Insufficient social housing and landlords looking to leave the rental market have further deepened the housing crisis. […]

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Mantis Cranes self erecting tower crane supplier Ireland

Self Erecting Tower Crane or a Telehandler?

6 Reasons to choose a Self Erecting Crane over a telehandler. Rising material costs, labour shortages, and the current housing crisis all put pressure on contractors to increase efficiencies and reduce costs on site. This is where a self erecting tower crane comes in! While the cost of materials and a shortage of skilled labour are beyond the control of a contractor, savings and efficiencies can be achieved by carefully selecting a lifting solution for your project. The cost of lifting and moving materials on a site is significant and careful selection of plant hire options can help contractors stay within budget and avoid overruns. 🏗️  Small Footprint The small footprint of the self-erector allows the placement of the crane close to the building. This is […]

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Mantis Cranes leading irish crane hire company

Tower Cranes – How do they work?

  Mantis Cranes offer an extensive range of cranes for hire or sale including Luffing Jib Cranes, Tower Cranes and Self Erecting Tower Cranes. Tower cranes can be seen across all city skylines, but how do these imposing structures work? The essential parts of a Tower Crane Base Support: Located at the bottom of the tower crane, the base support is attached to a concrete pad on the ground. Tower: The vertical element of the crane, gives the crane the required height. The tower supports the cab, counterweights and jib. Slewing Unit: Made up of a gear and motor arrangement, the slewing unit allows the crane to rotate. Cab: Where the crane operator sits to control the crane. The cab contains the computer, controls and joysticks. […]

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Luffing jib tower crane from Mantis Cranes UK & Ireland

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes

    What is a Luffing Jib Tower Crane? A luffing tower crane or a luffing jib tower crane is similar to a hammerhead tower crane with the added feature of a jib that is latticed and can be raised and lowered. This motion is known as luffing.     What are the advantages of a Luffing Jib Tower Crane? 🏗️  Luffing jib tower cranes are especially suitable in urban and built-up areas. On projects where there is limited space on either side of the site, a luffer can be invaluable. 🏗️  By raising and lowering the jib, the crane can be used to its full potential while avoiding any oversail issues. 🏗️  When out of service, the luffer can be parked at a reduced radius […]

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Crane hire quote from Mantis Cranes UK and Ireland

Need a crane hire quote?

What needs to be considered? “We had the best crane for the job” That’s what everyone would like to hear at the end of a project. Selecting the best crane for your project starts when a quote is requested. Assessing all the relevant information is essential to making this decision. Mantis Cranes supply a wide range of lifting options including Saddle Jib Tower Cranes, Self-Erecting Tower Cranes and Luffing Jib Tower Cranes throughout UK and Ireland. Recommending the most suitable crane will reduce costs and improve time efficiencies on your project, helping you to meet deadlines and stay within your budget. In addition, the right crane will ensure the health and safety of your workers and visitors to your site. Ultimately, it will help keep your […]

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