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Fork Toes

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Fork Toes

Fork Toes


  1. Fork Toes (standard)
  2. Telescopic Fork Toes

If you also require a safety net click here.

Fork Toes (standard)

ProductCapacityLoad HeightWeight
Standard Fork Toes 1,000-2,000kg1m-1.2m131kg-200kg
Telescopic Crane Fork1,000-2,000kg1m-1.2m131kg-200kg

  • Designed for a crane lifting off brick packs and pallets, with adjustable forks
  • Spring loaded lifting eye whichautomatically adjusts to compensate for the different weights carried
  • Fitted with frame to allow attachment of a safety net
  • Self levelling


Telescopic Fork Toes

CapacityLoad HeightWeight

  • Automatic adjustment and telescopic loading height
  • Option of self leveling pins
  • Available galvanised
  • Available also with predisposition for protection net