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Crane Sales

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Mantis Cranes has been supplying material handling solutions to the Construction Sector for almost 20 years in the form of Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes or Top Slew Tower Cranes.

Along with the cranes we manufacture under the Mantis brand, we offer a range of brands including Saez, Potain, Terex, Comansa and Liebherr.

Mantis Cranes supply new and used Tower Cranes around the world to markets including Belgium, Iceland, Oman, Qatar, Brazil, Mauritius, Scandinavia and Africa to name but a few.

Our Cranes can be supplied either new, used or refurbished depending on your specific needs.  All cranes are subject to availability. Contact us today and we will help you identify the Tower Crane to suit your specific needs.

SETC Sales

Make/ModelRadiusCapacityJib End CapHUHDetails
Liebharr 32TT30m2,900kg1,000kg23mClick here for details
Mantis TC2525m2,000kg750kg19mClick here for details
Mantis 32.1032m4,000kg1,000kg21.7mClick here for details
Mantis 35.1035m4,000kg1,000kg21.7mClick here for details
Potain IGO 5040m4,000kg1,000kg23.2mClick here for details


Tower Crane Sales

Make/ModelRadiusCapacityJib End CapDetails
Fm Gru 103535m2,500kg1,000kgClick here for more details
Comansa 11LC9052.55,000kg1,200kgClick here for more details
Saez TL5555m5,000kg1,050kgClick here for more details
Saez TLS 55 1355m6,000kg1,250kgClick here for more details
Saez TLS 55 1755m6,000kg1,650kgClick here for more details
Saez TLS6565m6,000kg1,500kgClick here for more details
Saez TLS7070m12,000kg2,420kgClick here for more details

* Height Under Hook available varies depending on a number of factors that our Sales Team will detail to you.
** All cranes are available at a standard height. However additional tower sections are available