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What are the benefits of using a Self Erecting Tower Crane?

  • Low siting costs
  • Easy to mobilise, can be working on site within 1 hour of arrival
  • Environmentally friendly, clean quiet operation
  • Delivery of materials to exactly where needed
  • Improved health & safety on site due to less manual handling
  • Reduces vehicular movements on site
  • Material handling on site 24/7 at no additional cost
  • Shortened build program
  • Eliminates site reinstatement costs
  • Lower operating costs than alternative material handling equipment
  • Improved utilisation of storage area due to crane operating from one static location

Self Erecting Tower Crane Features

  • Self Erecting Tower Cranes are operable on tight boundaried sites, where many other material handling equipment cannot operate
  • Provides both excellent reach and lifting capacity
  • On site footprint is typically very small
  • Self erecting tower cranes can be powered by on site electricity or by a generator which Mantis can supply

On Site Applications for Self Erecting Tower Cranes

  • Placement of Concrete via concrete skips & roof sheeting
  • Can place site materials where necessary with great precision
  • Self erecting tower cranes can be used to raise and position complete wall sections
  • Self Erecting Cranes can be used to hoist and position trusses, roof rafters or steel beams
  • Provide access to difficult to reach areas on site such as chimney tops