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Tower Crane Hire

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Mantis Cranes provide an extensive range of Tower Cranes with jib lengths ranging up to 65m and lift capacities up to 6,000kg. See our full fleet listed below.

We can supply you with an extensive range of crane accessories.

Make/Model *RadiusCapacityJib End CapDetails
FM Gru 103535m2,500kg1,000kgClick here for details
Comansa 5LC 401040m5,000kg900kgClick here for details
Comansa 5LC 501050m5,000kg900kgClick here for details
Comansa 11LC9052.5m5,000kg1,320kgClick here for details
Saez TL5555m5,000kg1,050kgClick here for details
Saez TLS 55 1355m6,000kg1250kgClick here for details
Saez TLS 55 1755m6,000kg1,650kgClick here for details
Saez TLS6565m6,000kg1,650kgClick here for details
Saez TLS65B 10T65m10,000kg1,850kgClick here for details
Saez TLS70 12T70m12,000kg2,420kgClick here for details
* Height Under Hook available varies depending on a number of factors that our Sales Team will detail to you.

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