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Mantis 32.10

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Jib Length: 32m
Max Height: 21.7m
Max Lift: 4000kg
The Mantis 32.10 Self Erecting Crane is a favoured choice among regional builders.

Mantis 32.10 Features

  • 4m x 4m footprint with a 2.4m slew radius
  • 2-fall and 4-fall rope option as standard
  • Option of self-ballasting derricking arm
  • Operated by radio remote control


Advantages of Using a Self Erecting Crane

  • Site footprint required for the crane is minimal
  • Delivery of the load directly to the point of work
  • Additional space is available for site storage
  • Reduced noise pollution for surround businesses and residents
  • Less vehicle movements on site, increasing safety
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