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Mantis 35.10

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Jib Length: 35m
Max Height: 21.7m
Max Lift: 4000kg

This Mantis 35.10 is one of our most popular Self Erecting Cranes for our customer and within our rental fleet. This crane is available with an option of 28m, 32m and 35m jib lengths.

Mantis 35.10 Features

  • 4.2m x 4.2m footprint with a 2.5m slew radius
  • Two-fall and four-fall rope option as standard
  • Optional self-ballasting derricking arm
  • Radio remote control operation


Benefits of using a Self Erecting Crane

  • The load is delivered exactly to where needed, thanks to the radio remote control, reducing site movements
  • Reduced labour costs as the load is delivered directly to the point of work
  • Operational footprint is smaller compared to most other material handling solutions, making more storage space available on site


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