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Self Erecting Cranes

Mantis Cranes provide an extensive range of Tower Cranes with jib lengths ranging up to 70m and lift capacities up to 12,000kg. See our full fleet listed below. We can supply you with an extensive range of crane accessories.

Make/ModelRadiusCapacityJib End Cap.HUHDetails
Mantis TC2525m2,000kg750kg19mClick here for details
Mantis 32.1032m4,000kg1,000kg21.7mClick here for details
Mantis 35.1035m4,000 kg1,000kg21.7Click here for details
Mantis 35.10+35m4,000 kg1,200kg22mClick here for details
Potain HUP 40.3040m4,000kg1,000kg30mClick here for details
Potain IGO5040m4,000kg1,000kg23.2mClick here for details
Potain HDT8045m6,000kg1,250kg34.2mClick here for details
Potain IGO T85A45m6,000kg1,250kg35mClick here for details
* Height Under Hook available varies depending on a number of factors that our Sales Team will detail to you.